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Family Lawyers living and working in your community. 

At Paquet Law, our commitment goes beyond legal representation; we strive to offer compassionate guidance and tailored solutions that prioritize the well-being of our clients and their families.

Whether you're facing divorce, child custody disputes, or other family-related legal challenges, our client's trust us to provide dedicated advocacy and personalized service every step of the way. Just like your family, each case is unique, and we will listen carefully to ensure we understand the outcome you want, and the kind of extra support you may need during the process.

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Paquet Law always aims to be a trusted resource for its clients. Please find some of our client's frequently asked questions below:

  • How Will You Involve Me in Decision Making?
    From the beginning, we prioritize a client-centered approach. This means that your input is highly valued, and we will work together so you can make informed decisions at every stage of your case. We ensure our clients are well-informed about the legal and non-legal options available, the potential consequences of each decision, and the strategies we can employ. Regular consultations will be scheduled to discuss key developments, gather your insights, and address any questions or concerns you may have. Your active participation is fundamental to achieving the best possible outcome for your case.
  • How Long Do You Estimate it Will Take to Settle My Case?
    Estimating the timeline for settling a case is a common concern. Our firm understands the importance of providing clarity in this regard. However, it's essential to note that the duration can vary based on several factors, and each case is unique. ​ Factors influencing the timeline include the complexity of the issues involved, court availability, the willingness of both parties to reach agreements, and any unforeseen developments that may arise during the legal process. Our firm is committed to working efficiently and diligently on your behalf to move the case forward.
  • What Alternatives Are There to Going to Court?
    We appreciate your interest in exploring alternatives to court proceedings, and our firm is dedicated to providing comprehensive options tailored to your situation. There are several alternative dispute resolution methods available, and our lawyers can guide you through these alternatives. We are committed to assisting you reach a negotiated settlement whenever possible. ​
  • How Do You Charge for Your Services?
    We appreciate your focus on understanding the financial aspects of your case, and our goal is to provide transparency and clarity throughout this process. Our firm typically charges for services based on a specific fee structure, which we would be happy to discuss with you in detail during our consultation. ​ We believe in open communication, and we want to ensure you have a comprehensive understanding of the costs involved. Additionally, we'll explain any potential costs that may arise so there are no surprises along the way. Your confidence and peace of mind are important to us, and we're committed to working collaboratively to address any questions or concerns you may have about the financial aspects of your legal journey.
  • How Can I Learn More About EAP in Nova Scotia?
    Check with your EAP program because Paquette Law may be able to reduce your fees.

 Consultations are available either Virtually, by Telephone, or In Person

The lawyers at Paquet Law have appeared at all levels of the Nova Scotia court system, including the NSSC, NSCC (FD) and Nova Scotia Court of Appeals. 

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Great service got me in and out more quickly and  better than the others I’ve tried in town  5 star experience

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